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High-Resolution Print File Purchase


Once you have selected your choice of artwork to be purchased, please click ORDER and fill out the contact form. Enter your:

  • First name

  • Last name

  • Email address

  • Title of the painting you plan to purchase.


A response and an electronic invoice will be issued within 24 hours.  


The payment terms are as follows:


All artworks on view sell at the same price: $ 9,000, which includes VAT and handling. 

Upon receiving the electronic invoice, the buyer makes a 50 percent down payment ($4,500) of the total price as directed in the electronic invoice. 

Once the down payment has been received, the high-resolution print files (PSD & TIFF) will be sent via means of a WeTransfer-Link from which the files can be downloaded without degradation. 

Once the buyer downloads the file, a final payment ($4,500) is due via the same transfer method. After the final payment has been completed, within 24 hours, the Jens Joneleit Studio will send an email to the buyer that includes the Certificate of Authenticity and the final electronic invoice--declaring all payments paid.


The Certificate of Authenticity verifies that the file sold is an original and unique work by the artist Jens Joneleit and assures that the file is the only copy of the work. 


Additionally, the Certificate of Authenticity declares that the owner of this particular artwork owns all reproduction rights, as long as any print, copy, or edition is accredited correctly, listing the title of the painting and the author, Jens Joneleit, as stated on the Certificate of Authenticity.


The Jens Joneleit Studio will hold a copy of the original file for archival and safety purposes. If the buyer’s files get damaged or lost, send an email with an attached copy of the final electronic invoice to the Jens Joneleit Studio. A set of news files will then be issued. 


 If you have any questions, feel free to click the ORDER button, leave your name and email address, and state your question(s) within the contact form. 


You will receive a response within 24 hours of your initial contact request.

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