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€ 15.000,00

(includes VAT and shipping worldwide)

If you like to purchase the artwork you have selected clicking the ACQUIRE button, please read the following information thoroughly.


To place an order, inquire or if you have any questions please click the CONTACT form and send an email. A response will be issued within 24 hours upon your initial inquiry.


All shipping and handling costs are included in the above purchase price. This includes worldwide first-class shipping, custom crates for larger painting and tubing or other means for smaller works.


To facilitate shipping and handling at no additional costs to the buyer, the seller requires half the purchase price (50 percent down payment) to be paid upon receiving an electronic invoice issued by the seller in form of a PDF attached to a return-email, which includes contact, account information for payments and delivery details. The final payment of 50 percent of the total purchase price is due within two weeks after delivery of the purchased artwork.



For unique digital artworks at the size and dimension displayed on this site, the purchase process is the same as above. Instead of shipping the actual artwork, however, the artwork in this case would be delivered on a USB-Stick containing the super-large high-resolution printing file of each artwork purchased. In addition to the mutually agreed purchase invoice, the seller will also issue an original Certificate of Authenticity, signed by artist Jens Joneleit verifying that the file sold and sent is the only copy of this work and that only a safety-copy of the file will be held by the Jens-Joneleit-Studio for archival and safety purposes only.

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